Beam Capital Management currently offers the following portfolio to Fund Sponsors and Fund of Funds Managers:

Beam Capital Management MultiCap Value Portfolio (BCM MVP)


  • Unique exposure to US equities through a hedged opportunistic portfolio
  • Low minimum account size. Minimum account is $1 Million
  • Inception – January 2005
Fund of Funds


  • US listed Equities, up to 25 holdings
  • All-Cap Event-driven and Opportunistic Value Portfolio
  • Goal is Absolute Return
  • Long Biased – Long only, but will go short to “Neutral” to protect assets


  • Top-Down Macro Approach
  • Standard Value Metrics – Absolute and relative to peers
  • “Opportunistic” – Select stocks that are expected to appreciate within 3-12 months given our Macro or Industry view and company-specific catalysts
  • Separately Managed Account (SMA) held in the Fund’s name at a third party custodian/broker with Beam Capital Management having discretionary trading power

Why SMA structure with Beam Capital Management is superior to Fund (Limited Partner) Structure:

  • Transparency: Manager can be easily monitored for adherence to strategy and to any pre-agreed parameters
  • Security: Assets held in client’s name, not in an entity that the General Partner (or manager) controls
  • Access: Clients get a monthly statement and have daily access to their accounts (balances, positions, etc…)
  • No Lockup: Accounts can be closed/withdrawn with only a 2 week notice
  • No Penalties: No early withdrawal penalties. Unearned management fees will be refunded
Performance and Management Fees can be obtained by contacting Beam Capital Management.