Beam Capital Management is pleased to offer the Blockchain Leaders Separately Managed Account strategy. This focused Blockchain investment strategy gives investors exposure to the publicly traded securities of companies active in the Blockchain ecosystem in a professionally managed portfolio.


  • Unique exposure to Blockchain related stocks through an opportunistic portfolio
  • Low minimum account size. Minimum account is $100,000
  • Inception – January 2018
blockchain stocks


  • US listed Equities, up to 25 holdings
  • All-Cap Event-driven and Opportunistic Portfolio
  • Goal is Absolute Return
  • Long Biased – Long only, but will trade opportunistically to protect assets


  • Invest in publicly traded securities of companies utilizing, developing, facilitating, or investing in Blockchain technology
  • Will not directly invest in Bitcoin, Bitoin Futures, digital currency, or coin offerings
  • “Opportunistic” – Select stocks that are expected to appreciate within 3-12 months given our Industry view and company-specific catalysts
  • Separately Managed Account (SMA) held in the client’s name at a third party custodian/broker with Beam Capital Management having discretionary trading power. Preferred custodian is TD Ameritrade Institutional

Why SMA structure with Beam Capital Management is superior to Fund (Limited Partner) Structure:

  • Transparency: Manager can be easily monitored for adherence to strategy and to any pre-agreed parameters
  • Security: Assets held in client’s name, not in an entity that the General Partner (or manager) controls
  • Access: Clients get a monthly statement and have daily access to their accounts (balances, positions, etc…)
  • No Lockup: Accounts can be closed/withdrawn with only a 2 week notice
  • No Penalties: No early withdrawal penalties. Unearned management fees will be refunded

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Past performance is not indicative of future results. Investing involves risk and possible loss of principal. Investing in securities of companies involved in a new technology usually carries a higher level of risk than investing in the stock market as a whole. Those risks include but are not limited to: sector risk, technology risk, concentration risk, and liquidity risk. This Blockchain investment strategy is intended for investors who are comfortable and are able to deal with the higher level of volatility of returns associated with such a strategy. In addition to annual management fees charged by the advisor, investors in a managed account pay trading commissions and, potentially, layered fees if investments include ETFs or Mutual Funds.