Beam Capital Management caters to Family Offices by offering our main US Equities focused portfolio, The Beam Capital Management MultiCap Value Portfolio (BCM MVP). For Family Offices looking for exposure to US Equities, the BCM MVP Portfolio offers a unique, versatile, and flexible opportunity.


  • Unique exposure to US equities through a hedged opportunistic portfolio
  • Low minimum account size. Minimum account is $1 Million
  • Inception – January 2005


  • US listed Equities, up to 25 holdings
  • All-Cap Event-driven and Opportunistic Value Portfolio
  • Goal is Absolute Return
  • Long Biased – Long only, but will go short to “Neutral” to protect assets


  • Top-Down Macro Approach
  • Standard Value Metrics – Absolute and relative to peers
  • “Opportunistic” – Select stocks that are expected to appreciate within 3-12 months given our Macro or Industry view and company-specific catalysts
  • Separately Managed Account (SMA) held in the Fund’s name at a third party custodian/broker with Beam Capital Management having discretionary trading power

Why SMA structure with Beam Capital Management is superior to Fund (Limited Partner) Structure:

  • Transparency: Manager can be easily monitored for adherence to strategy and to any pre-agreed parameters
  • Security: Assets held in client’s name, not in an entity that the General Partner (or manager) controls
  • Access: Clients get a monthly statement and have daily access to their accounts (balances, positions, etc…)
  • No Lockup: Accounts can be closed/withdrawn with only a 2 week notice
  • No Penalties: No early withdrawal penalties. Unearned management fees will be refunded
Performance and Management Fees can be obtained by contacting Beam Capital Management.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. Investing involves risk and possible loss of principal.